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Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall


Screengrab of the official DVD for Phantom 25th showCelebrating 25 years(!) of Phantom of the Opera, we staged a full production in the Royal Albert Hall (click on the photo for a clip, it’s worth it).  As the RAH has no proscenium, we built an entire proscenium stage with fake boxes (all the boxes in the pic are actually scaff faced with scenic elements, keyed into the normal Albert boxes invisibly).  3 showings, with a live telecast to cinemas worldwide, this was the fastest selling show the RAH has ever hosted.  Absolutely spectacular.




Design Business Association promo DVD

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The Design Business Association runs an annual competition celebrating the designs that made the biggest difference in terms of penetration or revenue for the brand owner.

Design Effectiveness Awards are billed as more than a fashion show, but where designs have to actually work for a living!

We followed the process through all stages of judging to the awards themselves, featuring interviews with key companies and desigers.  We produced DVD’s for DBA to use to promote the event for future years, explaining the process and celebrating the best of British design.

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HMS Belfast – Lisbon Maru Reunion


The Lisbon Maru was a WWII PoW ship under a false flag, holed by the allies, and the prisoners locked in and left to drown.  Some escaped to the mainland for later recapture, but hundreds died.  There were many stories of heroic rescues.  In 2008 we invited the remaining survivors on board the HMS Belfast for a talk, meal, and to tell their tales on video for posterity.